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eco-friendly bags for you and the city


Choose from our wide variety of high-quality eco-friendly bags at the most affordable prices. Whether it is for corporate giveaways, event gifts, store packaging, or simply just for groceries and shopping – we got you covered!

Custom Printed / Personalized Eco Bags

Eco Bag Mandaue offers custom printing or personalized eco bags for corporate or event giveaways, or simply just an eco-friendly alternative for your business or store packaging. We print your own logo designs on the bags which is also a great way to improve your brand awareness and adding a more personal touch to the products that you sell.

We have different colors and styles available that you can choose from that will match whatever theme or design you have in mind.

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Tote Bags

Tote bags are stylish yet simplistic bags with parallel handles coming from the sides of the pouch. These bags are ideal for casual and practical use when you need a handy and low maintenance bags when you go shopping, groceries, or any casual occasions.

Tote bags are also perfect for custom printed designs where logos or marketing prints can be added as a form of advertising.

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Sando Bags

Sando bags are the cheaper alternatives to tote bags which are ideal for your business products packaging. Unlike tote bags, the handles of sando bags come from both ends of the pouch, similar trim and style to the usual plastic bags but instead – we use eco-friendly materials.

Eco Bag Mandaue can also do custom print on the sando bags at the most affordable wholesale prices.

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Punch Hole / Die Cut Bags

Punch hole and die cut bags are two kinds of eco bags that Eco Bag Mandaue produce that are also lightweight, low-cost, and convenient to use. Instead of an extended handle, a hole is punched or cut through the bag to serve as a handle.

Eco Bag Mandaue can also do custom print on the punch hole/die cut bags at the most affordable wholesale prices.

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String Backpack

String or drawstring backpacks make perfect gift ideas for schools, corporate, or for any special events. These bags are great alternatives to the usual backpacks since they are more lightweight and cost less too. They are also sporty and come in various colors and sizes.

Print your logo or brand on the string backpacks for advertising, Eco Bag Mandaue offers flexible wholesale prices to fit every budget.

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