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eco-friendly bags for you and the city


Very accommodating. Till next transactions!


We ran out of Eco bags for the convention here in Waterfront Hotel Cebu. We're very thankful for Eco Bags Cebu for the quick response, they replied immediately when we called to inquire, and delivered the ecobags in less than 30 minutes. Free delivery for bulk orders pa. God bless!


Eco bags are of good quality. Bagaon sya affordable pa gyud.


Very accommodating seller and legit 100%.


Very responsive and the quality of the eco bags are great! A happy customer here  Thank you and till the next order 


I use eco bags everyday much better compared to plastic bags. I like the quality of the eco bags can carry most of grocery items. I recommend Eco Bag Mandaue because the material quality of their ecobags are great. I can reuse them for months! The service is great too very accommodating. Thank you and more power!


Ecobags are the most easy, handy and Mother Earth saver if you want to save our Mother Earth too?.... Buy some Ecobag now!


For the past few weeks, I have been taking an eco bag from Eco Bag Mandaue along with me on my shopping sprees (unfortunately these days shopping sprees involve a lot more window shopping).
All bags are double stitched seams and stress points for durability and are strong enough to hold my items about 15kg, so it is easy to slip over your shoulder and is comfortable to carry. Recommended for daily use.


The quality is exceptional and the best way to save earth from plastic bags.


Nindot ni sila order-an og Ecobag. Okay kaayo ang Seller. Kay Legit og dali ra maka reply sa mga inquires. Naa sad sila lain sizes sa bag. Og pwede sad ta maka request butangan og design name ang bag. Definitely! I will order again. - Sabang, Danao City


One of the legit sellers online in Cebu. Very friendly and super accommodating seller. The transaction is very fast and the quality of the product they sell is very durable and it has a good price. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED especially if you have a big bulk order of eco bags, very easy to negotiate with. Thank you Eco Bag Mandaue for providing such a great quality of product. Looking forward for more transactions with you. Kudos!


 The distributors are customer friendly

Polyethylene terephthalate commonly abbreviated PET is the main component of a plastic that is very difficult to dissolve. Ecobag is the greatest solution to minimize this problem. I will still continue to use it and I am recommending this to my relatives and friends. ????


Using Eco Bag Mandaue was a great help for us especially for our Mother Earth. It can lessen our plastic trash and we knew plastic can damage our Mother Earth. I will recommend Eco Bag from Mabbinaisa Trading Eco bag Mandaue at the very affordable price and has a good quality compared to other eco bags. Hurry Buy now.